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Crypt of the Wizard

Hellish Torment - Mass Dismemberment MC

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Crypt of the Wizard is proud to present Hellish Torment- Mass Dismemberment on cassette and digital formats.

Available first at Life After Death fest, Feb 24th 2024. See them play, buy their tape!

Drunk with power and arising from concrete tombs, triumphant in death and tyrannical in decontrol, strides forth London metal punks Hellish Torment, whose cruel tactics of raw striped down crust sadism cause total devastation during their apocalyptic raids. Whilst still freshly resurrected from mortuary combat slabs, Hellish Torment exude a stench that reeks of centuries old saturation and refined putridity, making their debut demo desecration a true onslaught enforced by the power of hell.

Breaking bones and decapitating heads by medium of brutal sonic assault, Hellish Torment’s debut demo is a brutally cataclysmic arrangement; one concocted from swaggering breakdown percussive mania, wretched vocal shriek ruin, pummelling power chord crust, reverb heresy overdose production, monolithic bass heavy instrumentation, oppressive hellfire dystopia thematic and a suffocating atmosphere soaked in the blood of a million war crusade victims. Championing a bare bone, no nonsense, extreme metal...  more