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Crypt of the Wizard

Hail Conjurer - Ouroboros Lust

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Crypt of the Wizard is proud to present Hail Conjurer - Ouroboros Lust on vinyl and digital formats.

"On the seventh full length offering, Hail Conjurer sheds his skin for an album dense with heat and lust. Divided in six chapters of demonic tales and erotic devotion, ranging from noisy interludes to bursting metal and melancholic doom, Ouroboros Lust invites a listener on a journey from the Paradise in flames onto the mountain of Flesh. Unfold the mysteries and enter the scarlet gates…”

Hail Conjurer is a Finnish one-man black metal band of Harri Kuokkanen (Ride For Revenge, Hooded Menace, Regere Sinister, Pussies, Horse Latitudes, etc). Since the first demo releases (Heaven Piercing Phallos and Manifests of Will in 2017) Hail Conjurer has released 7 albums and several demos/splits.

Recorded and mixed by Hail Conjurer around the midsummer 2022.
Mastered by Harald Mentor.
Cover artwork and photo credits by Tekla Vály.