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Bestial Burst

Hail Conjurer - Earth Penetration LP

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"Always feverish in his creativity, HAIL CONJURER returns to the album front with his sixth, Earth Penetration. Indeed earthy and penetrating - or perhaps virile (and vile) enough to actually penetrate the earth in a manner most sexual - Hail Conjurer here erects a murky-yet-spacey landscape of elevated crudity. For sure, the bass-heavy black metal that's the band's stock in trade is a doomy one, but not "doom" by strict definition; rather, ancient touchstones like very earliest Samael, Goatlord, and especially Barathrum get minced and mangled with an auteur's touch. It's rude and ritualistic, mind-expanding and body-defiling, and the synth/organ-led spaces are alluringly creepy beyond compare. Sin and sensuality have a new definition with Earth Penetration."

01 The Sin and the Sweat 07:33
02 Aghast 06:21
03 Rebellion of the Flesh 02:49
04 Blood on the Stone 02:46
05 Come Alive 04:35
06 Winter Death 04:54
07 Earth Penetration 05:10