Gorsedd FM - The Promise of Rot

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Death Shadow - 038

Debut full-length album from Gorsedd FM. Bombastically disregarding expectation and classification, The Promise of Rot shows the duo at their most aggressive, while still retaining the tender, natural sensibility that characterizes their style of folk-tinged post-punk. Written and recorded during the brutal winter before global lockdown, this album foreshadows much of the isolation, depression, and frustration which accompanied humanity as it trudged through the past year and change. Lyrically, The Promise of Rot is a songbook of tales about emotional abandonment, physical disrepair, and social malaise. Musically, the duo interprets the rustic dark rock introduced by acts from northern and eastern Europe through a distinctly American perspective, a cultural lens deftly calibrated by producer Sasha Stroud, who injects the duo’s sound with a fresh Atlantic air not flowing through the band’s more lo-fi offerings of the years passed. The final product is a forlorn thrust of misdirected energy and sincere sorrow, a tribute to the ease of ignorance and the pain of a purposeful existence.

Presented on LP by Death Shadow Records, limited to 150 copies.