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Glasberg (Aut) - Trugbild - Double MC

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DEMOGOAT Glasberg (Aut) - Trugbild - Double MC

Already serialized as individual post, now available as double cassettes box in hand-made slipcase, this carefully selected and organized compilation wreathed in the manifold illusion of the mirror mad.

Glasberg are an Austrian lo-fi dungeon synth entity of martial power, whom since the age of 2020 have unchained a shimmering host of battle synth incantations steeped in the glory of the ancient ages.

Thus it would come to pass that Glasberg would bring call to its allies across the mortal world, drawing forth from all corners of shadow and ruin for a double incantation by the title of Trugbild, in which this long line of powerful audiomancers remix those spells Glasberg forged itself and have all reimagined them into this eclectic dual incantation. Features reworked, remixed, and cover works of early Glasberg source materials from the following artists, some pays solemn homage to the original, some drift away to a complete new form of music.

Side A 1 Auf Dem Berg Oben (Putrid Marsh Remix) @reclusivegoblin
Side A 2 Kamp (An Old Sad Ghost Remix) @anoldsadghost
Side A 3 Der singende Knochen (covered by Shadow Dungeon) @shadow_dungeon
Side A 4 der verborgenen Krypta (Numinous Kombattant Remix) @herrscher_des_waldes
Side B 1 Heiliges Wien (Friedhof Remix)
Side B 2 Pikeniere in Andacht (Visions of Yokai Remix)
Side B 3 Singende Knochen (Ebriach Remix)
Side C 1 Rabenschlacht (Gates Of Londra Remix)
Side C 2 Heilige Wien! (Military Position Remix)
Side C 3 Diener des höchsten Prinzips I-IV (Uruk-Hai Remix)
Side D 1 Am Gipfel (Institution D.O.L. Remix)
Side D 2 Kamp (Fifth Era Remix)
Side D 3 Das Unheilige Heer (Pyre:Numen Remix) @perennial_pyrenees