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Strange Aeons Records

Gabestok ‎- Én gang rådden, altid rådden

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Goddamn this record is good! Gabestok give me hope... Hope that the dream of Heavy Metal is still alive!

Crazed Punky Heavy metal... darkly black and brightly heavy...  Like if Mercyful Fate were cavemen...


Sophomore album of the Danish duo Gabestok. The band is pushing the limits of its unique blend of Black Metal, 70's Horror and Garage, and now also adds a lethal dose of Heavy Metal to the mixture.

'Én gang rådden, altid rådden' (trad: 'once rotten, always rotten') consists of 8 degenerating tracks og negativity, pessimism, and nihilism, conveyed with the band's usual demented humor and aggressive style!

A triumphant abscess to smear the pain of yet another shitty year!