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Phantom Lure

Frog Synth Coven 2xMC

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Presenting the FROG SYNTH COVEN, a croaking #frogwave compilation hosted by Phantom Lure and Froggy's Ribbitopian Amphibient Fellowship.

Featuring exclusive and new work by the following artists:

• Frog Concert
• Toad Blood
• The Shakespearean Frog 
• 6th apartment
• Wyoming Toad
• Tales Under The Oak
• Uruketo
• patientfrog
• Old Jared
• Moukeprabbeli
• Fruit of Knowledge
• Anuras Mire
• Frog Cauldron

This frog-tastic compilation spans over 80 mins of croaking synthesizers and neo-classical amphibient.

Double cassette edition.