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Enmity (China) - Wuyuan - DLP (WAXGOAT188)

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GOATOWAREX is proud to present the entire discography of China’s 怨 on the definitive double-LP vinyl format.

怨 translates to Enmity in English. Previously, the moniker was wrongly translated to “Enemite” (and has thusly been listed – WRONGLY – as that on Discogs). Semantics aside, what this mysterious project lacks in quantity, it more than compensates in quality…haunting, hallucinogenic quality.

In 2005, 怨 released its only album, Wuyuan, which was largely unheard by Western ears. Perhaps too far ahead of its time, the simmering beyond-the-shade sensations conjured here existed in a netherworld not exactly ritual ambient nor darkwave nor modern classical nor musique concrete, but some ghastly abomination of all those – and twisted further out of easy, comfortable recognition by an acutely unsettling soundfield.

PSYCHEDELIC LOTUS ORDER, brother label of GOATOWAREX, received those transmissions years ago and treasured this staggering work of 怨 and reissued Wuyuan in 2015 on limited vinyl format, bringing this entity to the attention of more Western ears as well as those truly adventurous enough to spelunk its depths. Furthering the 怨 propaganda, PSYCHEDELIC LOTUS ORDER then brought the entity together with France’s singular K.F.R for a split LP of utterly nightmarish proportions later that year.

Since the release of those two PSYCHEDELIC LOTUS ORDER editions, 怨’s works have been highly sought after. Now, some five years later, GOATOWAREX brings together those two central recordings with two unreleased demos for the DEFINITIVE collection of 怨. Encompassing a total of 53 minutes across four sides of vinyl, this double-LP features a newly designed gatefold jacket. Additionally, while this shall be the final release of this entity, it will also be available for an indefinite time, with successive represses commencing when there’s demand.

This is not black metal, nor should it be. 怨’s works belong to the past, and not of this earth. Travelers of distant lands/headspaces since the very beginning, GOATOWAREX is honored to rekindle this entity’s memory for all perpetuity, for all nightmares yet to come and all dark places yet explored…