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WAXGOAT200 Endless Dismal Moan (JPN) - Endless Dismal Moan I - LP

An entity that needs no introduction due to its infamy of dissonant soul devastating styled necromantic visual kei influenced black metal, as well as the untimely self-terminating demise of its sole creator, Endless Dismal Moan is the legendary Japanese black metal nightmare whose legacy is still a curse upon the underground to this very age. Emitted in wracking fits of mournful mania in the age of 2001, Endless Dismal Moan was the entropic sonic coffin of Chaos 9 and was formed after he had departed from visual kei entity 地獄絵(Jigokue).

In the early years Endless Dismal Moan unchained a small library of demo incantations without much fanfare from the contemporary tomb cults of the time; that was until the sonically sadistic 2004 self-titled demo was unchained, in which the positive reception for this demo led Chaos 9 to create the now legendary compilation album 陰惨呻 on the equally notorious label, as well as 2 full-length album during his last years and posthumous album in 2010.

Fully authorized with ex-band member and relative of Chaos9, GoatowaRex is here to bring Chaos9’s legacy on the proper formats as they deserved. To begin with is the first part of 2 self-titled demos, often referred as “Endless Dismal Moan I”, on vinyl for the first time with properly restored original CD-r design. Containing here not only the original 8 tracks (which forms the first part of 陰惨呻 compilation), but four never heard before spells exclusive to this vinyl special edition, all tracks remastered for this vinyl edition.

R.I.P Chaos 9 (Takuya Tsutsui) who died from a self-inflicted gunshot on June the 25th, 2008

Promo text by @neheroth