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Breathing Problem Productions

Elephant Man Behind The Sun - Collected Tracks

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A remastered collection of (almost) all Elephant Man Behind The Sun releases..

EMBTS was one of the most creative and experimental gorenoise / noisecore projects around.. Each cassette release was a filthy mix of stop start noisegrind , layers of broken synths , strange and absurd samples and disgusting pitched vocals.. Some tracks used live drums, some used machines, some tracks feature mysterious phone calls and pieces of unknown field recordings..

EMBTS worshipped the underground scene and DIY nature of noisecore .. He believed in cheap releases and was against the gatekeeping of noise.. This release is meant as a tribute to all those he has inspired..

It also features an insert containing some pieces of his writing from his "Tapes and Poverty" noisecore / gorenoise blog.. EMBTS writes about the prison system, anarchism, drug addiction, his favorite noisecore bands and more..