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Dying Victims Productions

Drifter - Beggars Ransom 7"

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DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present Beggars Ransom, a new two-track 7” by DRIFTER from the USA.


Just when you thought the dust had settled, Drifter return, whipping the very horse they rode in on. And this time, they’re fit to drink the whole well dry.

Best return the other horses to the stable… Or better yet, just put ‘em down.

Yes, Drifter plays for keeps with their new 7’’ single entitled Beggars Ransom, featuring two classy cuts sure to leave you dead in your tracks. Think what you want about today’s musical landscape, but Drifter are one of the few bands playing with a full deck.

With no fixed address, Drifter are staking claim from the US territories – which may come as a surprise upon listening. Not many bands are so capably selling NWOBHM by the pound, but Drifter seems to have, for whatever reason, gotten the best exchange rate. Not a pale imitation neither – true fans of the genre will hear right away.