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Expansion Abyss

Dipygus - Wet Market EP

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On April 25th, 1977, the remains of an unknown creature were collected by a fishing trawler off the coast of New Zealand. This 'living fossil' - appearing millions of years out of step with conventional understandings of evolution and extinction - seemed to tear asunder our rules of logic, crumbling our world of reality. Have you ever heard rumors of a 'lizard-man' that stalks the swamps of South Carolina?

Every day hundreds of thousands of shipping containers are processed in the busy ports of the coastal United States, coming from every corner of the globe. Most of the time they are inspected. Sometimes they aren't. Sometimes organisms that were never meant to leave their native soil end up in these containers. Could you identify the eggs of a sandworm nestled in the next bite of your stromboli?

During the last days of quarantine in 2021, Dipygus traveled to the wet markets of San Luis Obispo, California. Two years later, the product of this illicit journey through the black market meat trade is made public. Captured by Matt Harvey (Exhumed) and Alejandro Corredor of Darker Corners Studios, the WET MARKET EP continues the BUSHMEAT LP's unnerving exploration of unexplained phenomenon, lost civilizations, and legendary monsters through the exploitive lens of '70s cinematic sludge. Listener discretion is advised.

We can't know where death will find us . . . should we watch for him everywhere?