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WAXGOAT305 Die Verbannten Kinder Evas (Aut) - Come Heavy Sleep - DoLP

From the exquisite minds of Richard Lederer, more widely known as Protector of THE MOST EPIC black metal band Summoning, GoatowaRex is very proud to announce a truly epic physical artefact from his highly influential darkwave, gothic and dungeon synth project, Die Verbannten Kinder Evas, with their sophomore full-length incantation known as Come Heavy Sleep. Originally released in the age of 1995, Come Heavy Sleep is a colossal force of ancient mediaeval styled dungeon synth swallowed whole by the drowned depths of melancholic misery and fog wreathed spectral towers. Now available for the first time in a luxury package of double vinyl LP lunar lament.

With almost an hour of sombre darkwave dungeon synth ambience for acolytes to slowly devour over the ages, Come Heavy Sleep is the shadow moon to Summoning’s earlier works; relying here more on truly beautiful choral vocal oration, sorrow laden keyboard melodics, haunting ambient synth passages and a thematic journey into the haunted doldrums of the past. With the wide waters of agony does the misery of a sad silent home grow heavy with sleep, as the house of glass shimmers with unreal mystery, as the end comes crawling from the mist to draw its cloak of shadows to the final curtain call.

Fully authorized by Protector and Twilight Records, this edition would serve as the ultimate reissue of Come Heavy Sleep, the one album that will play from beginning to end on my personal funeral, the track, ‘Misery’, is the most played music piece in my entire life. This edition, comes with double 180g heavy black LP, Japanese style tip-on gatefold jacket, with carefully remastered music.

Description text by @neheroth