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DEMOGOAT Aufnorden (Can) - From the Sword, The Sun Rose... MC

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DEMOGOAT Aufnorden (CAN) - From the Sword, The Sun Rose…

Cleaving the land in twain with frost-rimed blade of solar destruction, scorning the modernism of the spiritually damned, rises the mournful might of the warrior entity known only by herald of Aufnorden. Freshly unearthed from the snow choked weald of the Canadian hinterlands, Aufnorden emit poetry of epic pagan black sorcery, that those familiar with the sounds of the Eastern European tomb cults should find much to flavour. Gespegewagi folk fulminations from the gruelling heart of the roaring forest.

From the Sword, The Sun Rose… is a rallying call to the shimmering jewels of the verdant soothsay slaughterers. An instrumental expression of purest guitar melodics, these soaked in organic reverb, one that strikes at the heart and makes beat of the chest. A sweltering medley of empowering spells that harken to hikes upon cliffside edge, treks through darkened pine woodland, and bloodstained battles across the glacial plains of the eternal war tribes. A riveting expression of instrumental pagan black metal, From the Sword, The Sun Rose… is an evocative journey laden with sanguine strength and embittered triumph.

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