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Crypt of the Wizard

Darkthrone - It Beckons Us All

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Release Date Friday 26th April 2024
The new, epic metallic odyssey from the long-standing Norwegian duo Fenriz and Nocturno Culto. With a legacy of audial treasures spanning more than 35 years, and a fountain of creativity ever flowing, Darkthrone returns in 2024 with an epic odyssey boasting classic riffs and vintage sounding Metal.
The seven track studio opus It Beckons Us All sees the longstanding duo of Fenriz and Nocturno Culto presenting an even more refined, challenging and diverse set of timeless anthems. The uncompromising trailblazers shift from the melodic to the sombre and atmospheric to blackened dirges emanating from Darkthrone’s unique riffing.
Includes the astonishing 10 minute closer, The Lone Pines Of The Lost Planet.
Recorded once again at Chaka Khan Studios in the band’s native Norway, It Beckons Us All was mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door, with artwork courtesy of Polish artist Zbigniew Bielak.
With an expansive catalogue consisting of a multitude of various genre classics, Darkthrone first arrived on the global stage with their atmospheric and technically accomplished Death Metal debut, Soulside Journey back in 1991, followed by the milestone in Black Metal that is A Blaze in the Northern Sky released the following year, after the intended second album Goatlord was essentially scrapped to make way for something more primitive, and paving the way for Darkthrone’s close association with the Black Metal genre over many years. 
It Beckons Us All stands as one of the band’s most complete and vast works to date.