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Poisonous Sorcery


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 LP limited to 100 copies

- 180g black vinyl. (high quality certificated Polyvinyl chloride -->less background noise and extra durability)

- 350g sleeve

- Black Poly-lined inner sleeve.

- Incense sticks ritually-crafted.

- Vinyl audio master, recorded on obsidian vinyl CDR (1411kbps CD audio quality) housed inside a black envelope closed by an Obi strip.

- Insert ( 400gsm cardstock)

Really fascinating dark music, perfect for astral journeys, rituals and mental disconnections. This album is beyond genres, it fuses different styles in a solemn way, predominating the phantasmagorical & hypnotic ambient music, bordering on the dreamlike, thanks to a synthesizers base that captivate you from beginning to end. The perfect soundtrack for all those who still enjoy 80's and 90's sci-fi, fantasy and horror.