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Crypt of the Wizard X Branca Studio Long Sleeve

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Here return'th an oldie but a goodie. 

Aeons have past since thee famed workers ov fine garments known to thee humans ov this Earth as Branca Studio fabricated this here infamous long sleeve'd robe for thee Wizard. However sometimes the dead don't die... and thusly we can offer thee acolytes thee chance to make purchase once more. 

Printed 'pon a Gildan Ultra shirt as black as thee Devil’s nutting bag, this dark garment is guaranteed to protect thee wearer against all know hexes, curses, whammies, spells, conjurations, necromancy, enchantments, charms and evil eyes.

These items art being printed as we doth speak, however, obtain'th thine terrible tunic today, and thou shalt receive it in time for thee commencement of thee chilly season.