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Crypt of the Wizard - Metal is Magick (Hoodie)

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What is best in life? To make'th fine garments, see them worn before you, and to hear the lamentation of those who forgot to order.

The Wizard sent his preferr'd ink stained sorcerer Simon Erl on a quest to discover a sigil as Magickal as it is Metal and although his adventure was long and fill'd with unnameable perils he retun'd a hero. Thusly we present to you Metal is Magick a selection of garments only for the strong.

Printed 'pon a Russell Athletic hoodie as black as thee Devil’s nutting bag hood'd robe is guaranteed to protect thee wearer against all know hexes, curses, whammies, spells, conjurations, necromancy, enchantments, charms and evil eyes.