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Crucifixion Bell / Øksehovud - Benighted In The Luminous Glow Of Sin

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Both of these entities have made their own quick yet undeniable imprint on the current raw black metal scene both alone and together as the entity Fåvnesbane. This split tape provides them each an opportunity to further showcase their individual and unique approaches to the expansive genre of raw black metal.

Crucifixion Bell’s side of this split once again finds him entrenched in a sprawling chaotic landscape of abrasive noise and melancholic notes. Øksehovud continues to expand upon the lush triumphant black metal blueprint set forth on their stunning debut demo, released earlier this year (also on Nithstang). This split further distinguishes both of these artists in an ever saturated genre and further establishing them as artists to be watched closely.


Edition of 100 on Black Cassettes