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Thorns of the Carrion (Usa) - The Scarlet Tapestry - CD

Wreathed in the funerary smoke sorrow of a thousand ages stained with raven tears, the Thorns of the Carrion prick at the flesh and draw forth the dirge blood, an ashen embrace of sanguinary solace as a myriad of memories lay forever unadorned. Originally known as Carrion Lord back in 1993 as a death metal entity, the three piece quickly evolved into a much more grandiose entity of six members that would eventually be known as Thorns of the Carrion, a truly melancholic atmospheric death doom metal entity, that from its homeland of Ohio in the USA, would release a tidy grimoire of incantations over the decade that it existed for, fading into sad obscurity after this with only sporadic posthumous incantations to mark their passing.

A colossal, crushing procession of funerary fulminations, The Scarlet Tapestry is a true hidden grimoire of gothic gloom, one that expresses monolithic slabs of prodigal death doom and is sincerely poetic in its romantic cruelties of grievous loss and tragic remembrance. Thorns of the Carrion execute this incantation as would an 18th century nobleman gone mad; with hulking spell lengths, elongated spoken word whispers, snarling ravishments, majestic atmospherics, sorrow laden synth passages, mediaeval styled samples, crushing death doom riffs, solemn acoustic sections and an overall sense of impending dread that only ever climaxes in an exhalation of heartbroken suffering.

This is the first official reissue since the original 1996 release, which long became a very rare of sought after extreme metal relic, this edition is carefully remastered by Greg Chandler of doom metal legend Esoteric, with updated layout yet totally respect to the original version.

Description text by @neheroth