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Manifest of Hate Creations

Slutet - Raw Creativity Can Not Be Contained: Rehearsals & Leftovers 2013-2019 Tape

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2 x MC Compilation of rehearsals and leftovers. Limited to 97 copies.
Written on the back side of the j-card:
"Notes and info on the tracks:

1. this is the full title of the song called "Those Who Seek the World..." on the first demo cassette. The title is lifted from a dialogue in polish film "Na Srebrnym Globie" (1988), a huge inspiration on early SLUTET.
2. one of the first full rehearsals of "Raped Beauty Sleep"
3. The title translates to "The Youth House" and is a youth center/café were we rehearsed at the time.
4. when we were about to conclude the recording session for the first demo tape, randomly we heard a knock on the rehearsal room door. we opened and to our surprise, there stood Kenta. a complete stranger, a homeless person, a rugged, weathered old man. we invited him in and played this for him.
5. a classic soundtrack to those times; Brainbombs. we haphazardly played this one as warm-up and whatnot.
6. this is the full title of the song called "We Reap Our Crops..." on the second demo cassette.
7. just some random drug-fuelled rehearsal night; we had many of those. you'd be pretty safe to skip this one. this one is more of a personal memory than anything else.
8. this is an early rehearsal with the new guitarist we acquired in 2015
9. there was once talk of incorporating electronix into the music of SLUTET. we did this as a kind of "sketch", but abandoned the idea subsequently, obviously. it was more of a fun thing to do than a serious idea, i think.
10. the title translates from swedish to "Meat" or "Flesh" and was the working title for "Sperm-Spitting Mouth" from the "Love & Beauty" LP
11. the title translates from swedish to "Mirror Song" and was the worknig title for "Indo-European Storm" from the "Love & Beauty" LP
12. an abandoned semi-improvised track that was initially envisioned as part of the "Love & Beauty" LP. it was successively abandoned. we rehearsed and worked on it in 2018 and early 2019 before abandoning by the summer of 2019. we opted to do the "The Gloomy Ride...." track instead of another black metal song, and besides, we were sick of playing together."