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Poisonous Sorcery

МРАKОБЕС “Заклинания Против...” LP [SORCERY-048]

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By leering shadows that obscure the faces of primordial darkness does that raw black punk entity of pugnacious putridity known only as МРАКОБЕС dwell in chambers in leprous conspiracy against the growing towers of mortal progress, culture and scientific vanity.

Brought onto this sphere of existence in the age of 2020 МРАКОБЕС is a Russian entity created by A. (Naubât) that relishes in its own throat crushing audial devastation, with an addictive take on the raw black punk alchemical formula both direct and hypnotising in the same choke of dissonant sound sadism, leaving only asphyxiated nightmares in its wake. Its debut self-titled incantation released in 2020 was a steel toe capped terror of pulsating punk power chords shrouded in an entropic noise of black metal mutilation, leaving those tomb kults who savour the darkness to hunger for more, only for three years to pass for this hunger to be slaked once again in 2023 with МРАКОБЕС’s second incantation, Заклинания Против Расколдованного Мира.

Emerging from the crypt by war march of undead addiction, Заклинания Против
Расколдованного Мира, takes little time in charging forward and slaughtering everything that stands in its path. Utilising the same structure from it’s self-titled debut, МРАКОБЕС uses a raw black framework to drive his unholy host ever onward; except here a bolstering of the spell composition, melodies evoked and production enchantment, take this framework deeper into fresh depths of degradation and providing the acolyte experiencing it with a more flavoursome incantation with more tortuous methods than that which came prior. Shaking the concrete altars
of mortal arrogance and breaking them asunder, Заклинания Против Расколдованного Мира proves itself to be worth the wait, displaying an evolution of its earlier steel toe cappe stompings by bringing more complexity, improved production and black metal magick to the sacrificial slab. Those who have hungered for more of МРАКОБЕС need repress those urges of uprising any longer, for the darkness has come, and with it, the total spirit penetration of contemporary mortal civilisation and rejection of all that is false.

Promotional text provided by Neheroth of Gloomhammer @neheroth

-Audio specially remastered for vinyl format. (Better dynamics and full range for pure and organic sound)

-180g Black vinyl (high quality certificated Polyvinyl chloride: less background noise and extra durability)

-Envelope with incense ritually crafted.

-CD-R (vinyl-effect) including vinyl audio master (1411kbps audio quality)

-350g sleeve. 3mm spine.