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Come My Fanatics - A Journey into the World of Electric Wizard - Dan Franklin (Book)

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Pre order - Publishing date: June 22nd

For over 25 years, Electric Wizard have been gathering the masses around them as one of the largest cult bands in the world. They have over a quarter of a million followers on Facebook, have clocked up 25 million plays on Spotify and have sold tens of thousands of vinyl albums.

You haven't heard of them? Let me introduce you...

Electric Wizard have set the bar for heaviness. With their potent VHS-horror aesthetic, lyrics dripping with Lovecraftian horrors, and a monumental sound that provided a template for the myriad bands who followed - not to mention the fights, drugs and sex in the trail of destruction they've left behind them - this is the right time for the band's story to be told.

Electric Wizard draw on myriad occult influences to create their own world: menacing, lurid, depraved. With such rich source material in the music, and how it bleeds out into the wider culture, a book written with the band will crystallize their position in the pantheon of British heavy rock. It will also introduce them to a wider audience - for many readers it will be like stumbling across an ancient, hidden terror.

Drawing on extensive interviews with the band and anyone else they deem worthy to speak to their legacy, the book takes a kaleidoscopic look at the world the band conjures in all its chaotic and drug-addled intensity.