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His Wounds

Circle of Ouroborus - Autuala

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Circle of Ouroborus - Autuala

Impervious to any form of classification, Circle of Ouroborus generate an amalgamation of styles that is utterly their own creation.
Riffs are emotive while burrowing deep within the recesses of the mind, imparting themselves into the subconscious.
The vocals sit in a purgatory of tortured spoken singing, heavy with reverberation echoing across the instrumentation.
Each track effortlessly drifts into indiscriminate soundscapes with curiosities hidden throughout, providing the listener a different experience upon each visit. Another stellar entry into their ever evolving discography that should not be missed.
Decription by @voidlairofthewolv

- Pressed on 140g vinyl housed in a 300gsm Single sleeve cover Reverse printed
with Matte finish and 3mm spine
- Includes a double-sided 12x12" insert printed on high quality rough Maxi Offest
- Black poly-lined inner sleeve and high quality protective sleeves
- Specifically mastered for vinyl by Haris V. at The Eleventh Tower Studios