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CIMERION - "Vers la Montagne Noire" LP (Splatter)

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3mm jacket with full color insert. Two color options available - black/yellow splatter (200) and solid yellow (100).

 "If you’d told me this was a lost Tangerine Dream fantasy film score, I’d believe it. Incredible Berlin School tinged sword & sorcery sonics." -Televiper

"This is an excellently crafted album. otherworldly, thought provoking and beautiful." -old_roe

"Excellent dark fantasy themed dungeon synth, with warm-feeling Berlin school keyboards (a la Tangerine Dream). The album has a shadowed, contemplative feel, like looking up into the sky at night, wondering at the fast-scudding clouds and sinister dark shapes playing across the face of the moon." -Dave Aftandilian