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Poisonous Sorcery

ÄRSCHLINGS “A Sign Of A Gruesome Winter” LP [SORCERY-049]

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Frostbitten fists rimed with the sanguine winter stains of the impermeable earth do those hands of black metal ambience strike broken glaciers in herald of that known as Ärschlings.

Unearthed in the foulest age of 2022, Ärschlings is the masterwork of Czechian black metal warbrand MBN (Chevallier Skrog & Mirrors), who for some years now has been stomping great heaves of rebellious peasant fury with his unique take on black punk dungeon noise ambience, across a wide variety of weird and wonderful entities. Ärschlings has unleashed a trinity of relentless black ambient incantations since its inception, all available via mode of CD and cassette, with some of its earliest works now brought to the medium of black wax vinyl in a gruesome grimoire collection.
Ravaging all it exposes to the freezing winds of agonising cold, A Sign of a Gruesome Winter, is a true black metal tome of ambient augury. Preceding itself with a primordial dungeon synth introduction spell, Ärschlings then let’s loose a rotten howl of festering frost, unleashing a blistering fast onslaught of icy tremolo dissonance further bolstered by chilling synth melodies—that all as one ride the storm of break neck blast beats, deadly rasps of nightmare defiance breaking through the devastating cacophony of snow blind surrender.

Contrasted with eerie dungeon synth passages, bookends of bloodstained permafrost that allow for calm in the eye of the storm, A Sign of Gruesome Winter is equally unnerving as it is desolating, providing a well constructed incantation that allows its compositions to strike stronger for its funeral frost fulminations and masterful spellcraft. The nocturne of ice glass nights send souls by way of purgatory, as the omens of blizzard rise from the forgotten graves, oaths forever frozen by the
unforgiving immortality of winter.

Promotional text provided by Neheroth of Gloomhammer @neheroth

-Limited to 150 copies.

-Audio specially remastered for vinyl format. (Better dynamics and full range for pure and organic sound)

-180g Black vinyl (high quality certificated Polyvinyl chloride: less background noise and extra durability)

-Envelope with incense ritually crafted.

-CD-R (vinyl-effect) including vinyl audio master (1411kbps audio quality)

-350g sleeve. 3mm spine.

-400g double side insert.