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Babylon Doom Cult

Addergebroed – 2011 – 2021 and beyond

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Addergebroed, the independent Belgian blog celebrates its 10th birthday in 2021.

To commemorate this, Babylon Doom Cult Records will publish a 192-page book with a selection of 37 interviews. All interviews have been professionally translated to English.

All bands featured in the book:
Acathexis  Afsky  Akhlys  Äkth Gánahëth  Alkerdeel — Asagraum  Beltez  Bezwering  Bütcher  Deus Mortem  Dikasterion  Djevel  Duivel  Elijah Tamu  Entartung  Enthroned  Forbidden Temple  Ish Kerioth  Israthoum  Macabre Omen  Malakhim  — Meslamtaea  — Michael Rekevics  Misþyrming  Nexion  O  Ossaert  Paragon Impure  Rituals Of The Dead Hand  Sabathan — Tsatthoggua  Ultha  Vaal  Valkyrja  Vital Spirit  Wolvennest  Worsen

Design and layout by Luchtrat (aka Pede from Alkerdeel).