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Phantom Lure

ꙂꙨѮŮӜŮѮꙨꙂ - ŶᾦϚӾѺᾦѺӾϚᾦŶ (Red Smoke vinyl)

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Blackened doom metal project ꙂꙨѮŮӜŮѮꙨꙂ, hailing from Iceland, is manifesting a chaotic, nightmarish and haunting atmosphere. Fans of this project describe it as "Asphyxiating and mesmerizing, venomous sounds like spiritual terror, an endless fall into pitch black chaos and the devouring void, you cannot escape this dream." This pretty much sums it up perfectly.

180 gram 12" vinyl record, 350 gram thick cardboard cover and double-sided insert. Comes in protective polybag with the record outside the sleeve.

Available in three different colour variants:
- Black/Red Splatter
- Red Smoke
- Regular Black