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Phantom Lure

はりつけ (Haritsuke) - 天 皇 の 名 で 切 腹 LP

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Haunting riffs and thundering drums from the Fuji mountains. はりつけ - 天​皇​の​名​で​切​腹 translates to "Haritsuke - Seppuku in the name of the emperor". Japanese-themed lofi and raw black metal with dungeon synth and ambient interludes. A great and unique recording, this album has a nice flow with blasting songs, daring intermezzos and a cold, grim atmosphere. The LP version features original EP and three extra bonus tracks.

All music written and performed by ジャイアントロボット
All vocals written and performed by „She who dedicated her life to the Emperor“ (R.I.P.)
Haritsuke logo designed by Medwegwa