Thee Wizard Shalt Return'th!

Thee Crypt ov thee Wizard's online shoppe shall be closed for thee month of January so that we might catch up on thee many online orders we received over thee Christmas period, and perform a much needed stock take. Please return on February 2nd and you will find lots of new items to enjoy. Here is a by no means complete list of incoming releases G.I.S.M. – Detestation LP (Relapse) Goatowarex batch Carved Cross - Embittered Amidst The Ashes 12" (Overuse) DSNGG - Demo 12" (Overuse) Night Falls Haunting - 7" (Overuse) MOORGEIST - Moorgeist LP [Poisonous Sorcery]  BLOOD MOON ZENITH - Demo LP [Poisonous Sorcery] BAND & TITLE NO YET REVEALED [Poisonous Sorcery]   МРАКОБЕС - MMXX Demo LP (with 2 bonus tracks) [Poisonous Sorcery]  ANCIENT NECROMANCY - Diabolical Forest Alchemy LP [Poisonous Sorcery]  VAMPYRIC - Where Light No Longer Reaches LP [Poisonous Sorcery] Spectres & Teeth“No Magick Spawns!“ MC (Fodweg) Alruna - Silver Dawn MC (Fodweg) Brånd - Urkraft MC (Fodweg) Parasite Dreams - Privilege MC (Fodweg) Gates Of Londra MC (Fodweg) Forgotten Shrines MC (Fodweg) Auld Ridge ‎- Ascetic Invocation (Cold Beach) Odious Hiss ‎- Adherence To The Forbidden Divination (Cold Beach) Absolute Key ‎– My Mortal Share//The Towers 7” (Expansion Abyss) Këkht Aräkh - Night & Love (Livor Mortis) Ynkleudherhenavogyon - Honan Bleydh (Urtod Void) Krolok - Flying Above Ancient Ruins pic disc (Urtod Void) Misotheist - For The Glory Of Your Redeemer (Van) The Ruins Of Beverast - The Thule Grimoires (Van) Ominous Resurrection - Judgement (Van) Ominous Resurrection - Omniscient (Van) Dark Buddha Rising - Mathreyata (Svart) Eyehategod - 10 Years Of Abuse (And Still Broke) (Svart) Opium Warlords - Nembutal (Svart) Polymoon - Caterpillars of Creation (Svart) Pågå - The Evil Year (Svart) HAIL CONJURER (Fin) - Carnal Light (Bestial Burst) VALHALLA BOUND (Fin) - Force Of Violence (Bestial Burst)

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