Natur - Afternoon Nightmare (Yellow Vinyl)

Crypt of the Wizard

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Something is stirring in the shadows, at long last the wait is over... the return of NATUR is finally upon us! The boys from Brooklyn are back with Afternoon Nightmare, the 2nd studio album from the world's finest purveyors of ‘Old Metal’. Recorded in the depths of New Jersey at Moonlight Mile Recording with Mike Moebius, and Mixed and Mastered by Jamie Elton these 8 hideous hymns of unruly rebellion tear holes in Heavy Metal history. This record sounds like a motorcycle gang gatecrashing a party in a haunted house. Wall to wall riffs peppered throughout with heebie-jeebie horror synths that will leave you feeling like MacReady surrounded by burning rubble and passing that bottle of whiskey. Restless and wicked Natur's Afternoon Nightmare will keep you shaking with Heavy Metal Mania all night long. Available for pre-order in the US on Red or Black vinyl from Blasphlegmy Records or in the EU on Yellow or Black vinyl from Crypt Of The Wizard. World domination is nigh!