Releases Ov Thee Year!

Greetings flesh covered humans. What an exciting year it must have been for you all rushing around completing thine quotidian tasks! While time and space art clearly insignificant for thee Wizard, I am well aware that you, thee fragile inhabitants ov this planet, take it quite seriously indeed. Thusly eye have demanded ov mine most stout ov acolytes a list ov thee finest releases thee year has had to offer - with one small caveat - it must be noted that thee Crypt of thine Wizard hath release'd FIVE offerings in 2022 which quite naturally stand head and shoulders above all else. I would like very much to thank everyone involved in making these releases happen and look forward to what is next from all thee wonderful artists involve’d. They are ov course -

Buk - Den Otteogtredive Tommers Forbandelse 

Parish - Parish

Pöwer A.D.- Reclaim The Might

Riders Of Rohan - Riders Of Rohan

Woe - Czernobog

All can be heard at

Or purchase’d here on thee webbedsite

It would also be remiss ov me not to thank YOU my dears for thee support, and continued patronage.

Infernal hails to you one and all!

Without further ado… 


I loved so much stuff this year! This is what I remember loving most… however I’ve probably forgotten a few and will kick myself later… I must say other than our own releases I think Iron Griffin is my number one record of the year, it completely won me over from first spin and has never been far from the turntable since its release.  Also it seems everyone at the shoppe has Ara - Gurre (Into Endless Chaos) on their list which I would say makes it our Record Of The Year! 

No order, no limits! -

Seep - Hymns to the Gore (Extremely Rotten Productions)

Ara - Gurre (Into Endless Chaos)

Iron Griffin - Storm of Magic (Cult Metal Classics)

Vacuous - Dreams of Dysphoria (Me Saco Un Ojo)

Abyssion - Rautapää (Farfalla Records)

Weathered Crest - Dust Vessel (Fallow Field)

Ärid – From Anthropophagic Waste Breeds A Writhing Mutagenesis (Death Hymns)

Thallid – Agonized Illumination (Moonworshipper Records)

Berauscht - Daydreaming Under Summer Sun (Luminous Relics)

Shaam Larein - Sticka En Kniv I Världen (Svart)

Morbific - Squirm Beyond The Mortal Realm (Me Saco Un Ojo)

Kali Malone - Living Torch (Portraits GRM)

Negative Plane - The Pact (Invictus Productions)

Phantom Spire – Black Spells of Hearts So Pure (Narbentage)

Oozing Tunnel – Oozing Tunnel (Night Rhythms Recordings)

Forbidden Temple - Step Into The Black Pentagram (Gramschap)

Satan - Earth Infernal (Metal Blade)

Vihameditaatio - Totuuden Luuranko (Esfinge De La Calavera)

Medwegya - 666 Raw Psychedelic Bats (Phantom Lure)

Tower 7 – . . . Peace On Earth? (Roachleg)

Ä.I.D.S. - The Road To Nuclear Holocaust (La Vida Es Un Mus)

Wucan – Heretic Tongues (Sonic Attack Records)


Top 10 (almost) in no particular order:

Tower 7 - Peace on Earth 12" (Roachleg)

Systema - Muerte 7" (Symphony of Destruction Records)

Motive - Demo 2022 (Brainrotter Records)

Sial - Sangkar 12" (La Vida Es Un Mus)

Fanebærer - I Fælles Fald 7" (Nattetale)

The Apostles - Best Forgotten 2xLP (Horn of Plenty)

Hunger - Demo 2022

Ara - Gurre (Into Endless Chaos)

Mock Execution - s/t 12" (La Vida Es Un Mus)

RIP Olav Berland !


Ok top 5 in no particular order

Vacuous - Dreams of Dysphoria (Me Saco Un Ojo)

Parish - ST (Crypt of the Wizard)

Frisk - Stalker (Iron Lung)

Riders of Rohan - ST (Crypt of the Wizard)

ARA - Gurre (Into Endless Chaos) 

(seems everyone in the shop loves this. I just listened because of the artwork and was surprised I really loved it)

Fresh Blueberry Pancake - Heavy  (Ancient Grease Records)

(was written in 1970 but there was a vinyl re-issue this year which made me very happy)


Parish - Parish  (Crypt of the Wizard)

Vacuous - dreams of dysphoria (Me Saco Un Ojo)

Foreseen - Untamed Force (Quality Control HQ)

Hail Conjurer - Earth Penetration (Bestial Burst)

Aad Sleck - Pitman’s Revenge (Legion Blotan)

Ara - Gurre (Into Endless Chaos) 

Thundering Hooves - Radiance (Mercenary Press)

Ninth Realm - A Fate Unbroken (Eternal Lance)

Lindow Moss - Run Free, Run Amok: . . .among dark satanic markets 

Cauchemar - Rosa Mystica (Temple Of Mystery Records)


10 Metallic Releases in absolutely definitive disorder...

Ara - Gurre (Into Endless Chaos) 

Seep - Hymns to the Gore (Extremely Rotten Productions)

Feuille Mort - Feuille Mort (Ixiol Productions)

Morbific - Squirm Beyond The Mortal Realm (Me Saco Un Ojo)

Phantom Spire - Formless Wraiths of the Black Ascension (Narbentage)

(reissue) Catacomb - In The Maze Of Kadath/ The Lurker At The Threshold (The Crypt)

Ärid - From Anthropophagic Waste Breeds A Writhing Mutagenesis (Death Hymns)

Fluids - Daddio (from Fluids/Fulci Split) (Nightshift Recordings)

Szmej - Ormkull I (Pant Y Meddygon)

Vacuous - Dreams of Dysphoria (Me Saco Un Ojo)

Parasite Dreams - Self Centered And Too Late (Far Too Late) (Into Endless Chaos)

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